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Growing Mommas

7/19/20231 min read

Hi! My name is Rachel, I was born and raised in Tx! I moved to Ky about two years ago with my husband (we wanted a change of scenery). We are both Chiropractors, I have a particular interest in working on prenatal and pediatric care. We are expecting our first child 8/9 and we are growing ever more anxious to meet our baby boy. Especially with all of the learning curves and sleepless nights to come with it.

I started this blog because I have met an astronomical number of patients that do not know the ins and outs of pre/postnatal and pediatric care. Most women seem to go straight for an epidural or C-section when it may not be the best option for them or their baby. Hearing the various different birth stories and trauma gave me the motivation to reach farther out and help be a source of information for women who may not be in my local crowd.

Now there are thousands of different opinions in the world about the right and wrong ways to raise a child or prepare for birth. You are a bad parent for doing something your own way. I am merely here as a source of information. I do not replace your OBGYN, pediatrician or other healthcare professionals that know your health specifically. However, learn to take some of the information they give you with a grain of salt.